Downtown Historic //

This renovation was a special one, as we worked with the new owners to transform a carriage house and a 20’ wide brownstone into an expansive single-family home in the heart of downtown for their young family of 4. We worked tirelessly with the architect and builder to design a home full of custom details and special moments. This project was a labor of love that lasted 2 years – which made it even sweeter to see everything come together at the time of installation.

Kitchen Detail (1).jpg

Maplewood //

The young family who purchased this house was looking to achieve a cool California feel with a mid- Century lean – each room tells this story. We used textures, pattern, millwork and wood tones to create a layered feeling throughout the home.


Rehoboth Beach //

We worked with the homeowner for the second time to build their beach house in Delaware. From the ground up we conceptualized each and every space from layout to materials all the way through installation. Our love of shiplap runs deep and we used it in just the right number of places here to create a beachy cottage feel. Textures and neutral tones help round out this full-scale new build.


Scarsdale Renovation //

We enjoyed working with our client for the 3rd time on this interior/exterior renovation and face lift. By finding elements of the existing home we liked and wanted to play up and by deleting some less desirable architectural moments, we infused new life into this classic Westchester home. While reusing some existing pieces of furniture from their previous home, the majority of the furniture was custom selected to provide this family of four a refined and pulled together look with a lived-in feel, while still being durable and kid friendly.


Glen Ridge Renovation //

We collaborated with our clients on a kitchen and bath renovation and also wound up decorating several of their living spaces. The goal here was a casual and collected space that felt fresh and cool but still rooted in classicism. We used a lot of black and white in this space to create moments of contrast and significance.


Montclair //

This upper Montclair home had beautiful bones, but hadn’t been touched in several years. The client had classic east coast taste and we wanted to bring that sensibility into each space. Throughout the home we used neutrals with accent colors to create a sophisticated color palette that will stand the test of time. We created a classic and simple home that will remain to feel as such for a long time.


Bernardsville //

On this project we worked with the homeowner to take a home that was chic in its 1990’s hey-day, and updated it with paint and new furnishings. Although the house didn’t undergo any renovations, we were able to establish a transitional feeling throughout the home with a neutral color palette, furniture with sinuous curves, wallpaper choice and colorful artwork by the likes of Sally King Benedict and Kate Long Stevenson.